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Why You Should Stop Touching Your Face

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You’re probably reading this article right now with your hands on your face. Your palms are cradling either side of your chin, and you’re using them to stroke the soft skin that lines your jawline. You might be touching the tip of your nose or stroking under one eye before sliding down to feel the cheekbone below it.

But we’re not here to judge you for doing what feels good – Apple Queen Beauty is here because there’s a much more important reason why we should stop touching our faces all day long. To learn more about this, read on below!

Why You Need to Stop Touching Your Face

We’ve all heard at some point in our lives our parents or relatives tell us, “Stop touching your face.” And well, there’s an excellent explanation why we should follow this rule.

Of course, we’re all guilty of the bad habit of touching our faces, and it’s probably because we like the way it feels. But, as you well know by now, there is a much more important reason why this rule exists – keeping your hands off of your face stops bacteria from entering into pores and causing infections.

When we touch our mouth or nose with dirty hands (or something else icky touches us that doesn’t belong on our face), this can cause acne or blackheads to form in these areas due to an infection caused by foreign material being introduced onto the skin.

If we keep on touching our face with dirty hands, we risk spreading oil, dirt, germs, and bacteria all over. Unfortunately, this means that your face is more likely to develop an acne outbreak or blackheads at multiple areas of the face, which can be really hard to treat (not to mention the ugly scars it leaves!)

To avoid such things from happening, always try your very best to stay aware of your actions and avoid touching your face at all times.

Ways to Stop Touching Your Face

If you want to change this bad habit finally, there are certain things you can do to help yourself. Here are a few examples of what you could try:

Tip #1: Change the behavior

The first step to breaking this bad habit is to change the behavior. While it might be hard at first, try and remind yourself why you need to stop touching your face as often as possible (think about how much good it’ll do for your skin).

Once you plant the thought of ‘I need to stop touching my face’ in your mind, it’ll be a lot easier for you to resist the urge of doing so.

Tip #2: Be Sure to Keep your hands busy

A great way to stop the bad habit of touching your face would be to keep your hands busy. If you’re constantly fidgeting something with your fingers (like playing around on a computer or phone screen), then this can help distract you from touching your face all day long!

Plus, it’ll make the time go by faster and won’t feel like such a drag to sit through if you have an activity that fills up the space of time in between. Even texting friends is better than touching your face with filthy hands!

Tip #3: Use a Moisturizer

Did you know that using a moisturizer can actually work to stop us from touching our face? That’s right! If we use an application like this, it’ll be far less likely for bacteria to slip through the cracks and cause infections.

Moisturizers are great because they help make sure your skin is hydrated at all times (which means no dry patches), which will, in turn, keep germs away by creating an extra barrier of protection between foreign substances and the surface of your skin.

Tip #4: Tie Your Hair Up

Keeping your hair up or in a bun, for example, is another great way to stop touching the face. When you have long hair that falls past your shoulders, it can be really easy to accidentally touch different areas of the face with strands of it – especially when we’re trying to scratch an itch!

However, if you tie your long hair and keep strands away from your face, you lessen the chances of bacteria from entering your pores and causing an acne outbreak to form.

Tip #5: Wear Gloves

This may sound a bit odd, but wearing gloves can stop you from touching your face as much, too. If it’s cold outside and you have to wear gloves for warmth, then this is a great way to avoid the urge of touching our skin with them.

The New Understanding

If you’ve read the above, it’s clear that Apple Queen Beauty has some serious concerns about how much skin contact we’re having daily.

We hope this blog post provided you with some helpful tips to cut down on your face touching and keep your hands busy in other ways. If not – or if you want more information from us, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to help you achieve better-looking skin. For more help about the subject, don’t hesitate to reach out!