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Questions To Ask Before And During Your Next Facial Extraction

Questions To Ask Before And During Your Next Facial Extraction Featured Image

If you’ve never had a facial extraction before, the process might seem scary. But, it’s not! A facial extraction is when we use a tool to extract any clogged pores from your face, leaving you with better-looking skin.

When considering getting an affordable facial extraction done from Apple Queen Beauty, it’s important to understand what the process entails.

If you have any questions before or during your next facial extraction, This blog post will answer some of the more common questions people have about this procedure so that you can know what to expect.

How Long Does Facial Extraction Take?

To fully understand the process, you must know how long a facial extraction process takes.

Ideally, you should expect your facial extraction to take around 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of pores being extracted and your desired level of treatment.

The time will also depend on per salon. Some salons offer speedier extractions; some a more in-depth process.

Just be sure to ask how long procedures will take so you can prepare yourself better.

What Aftercare Methods Should I Follow After Facial Extraction?

If you think undergoing a facial extraction is the only step to a great-looking skin, it surely isn’t. Having an extraction means you need to take extra care of your skin.

We can extract the blockage within your pores, but we cannot stop it from coming back. To do that, you need to follow some aftercare tips.

These are a few of the techniques you should use to maintain beautiful skin:

  • Cleanse gently without drying out your skin or aggravating any sores
  • Remove makeup before sleeping.
  • Wear moisturizer every day.
  • Avoid sun exposure as this may irritate your skin.
  • Never touch your face especially when your skin is still healing since dirt might find its way to the open pores and cause infection.
  • Avoid consuming processed food as well as those that are oily.
  • Be sure to drink vitamin E, A, and C which all promote skin healing.

Remember that you need to take extra care of your skin after a facial extraction procedure if you want to maintain the quality of your skin for years to come!

Are There Food and Drinks I Must Avoid After a Facial Extraction?

Believe it or not, there are certain food and drinks you must avoid after a facial extraction procedure.

Did you know there are specific food and beverages that can cause complications to your skin, especially after a facial extraction?

If you want to truly protect your face and have the best treatment option, you must know what food items can trigger infections and complications.

You may think eating or drinking some of these common items won’t hurt. However, you must avoid certain foods and beverages if you don’t want to end up with adverse effects.

Among the drinks, you need to avoid are alcohol and coffee since these can dry out your skin. Instead, make sure you consume lots of water.

For food, stick with healthy meals and lots of fruits. Avoid spicy, acidic, salty, and processed foods because they can irritate your skin or cause longer healing to the extracted pores.

It’s not just what you eat that could affect your skin after a facial extraction but also how long it takes for your body to digest certain food from your system.

So make sure you eat healthily and drink lots of water to truly maintain your skin after facial extraction.

When Should I Schedule Another Facial Extraction?

Keep in mind that this skin procedure is not a one-time thing. If you have reoccurring black heads and white heads that tend to reappear, you may want to consider undergoing a facial extraction more than once.

Because not all blackheads and whiteheads will come out in a single session, you may need to visit your skin care specialist for another treatment session after 4-6 weeks.

It’s also important that you give your face at least a month to heal completely before booking an appointment so you don’t end up damaging your skin.

The Final Sayings

As earlier said, a facial extraction procedure is one of the skin treatments you should try when you see some acne or blackheads on your face.

The good thing about this treatment (compared to other procedures) is that it requires only a few minutes to do, and people say it’s not painful at all.

What do you think of facial extraction? If you tried this before, what is your experience with it, and how did it work for you? Did you follow the aftercare measures to maintain beautiful skin? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading and good luck!