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Lifestyle Habits That Cause Acne and Hinder Acne Treatment

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As a teenager, we always had acne at some point in our life – but normally, it was just a mild case of the occasional zit.

However, as we got older and our diet changed to include more processed foods, sodas, and other unhealthy treats, it’s not a surprise our skin became much worse.

Acne is caused by many factors, including hormones, genetics, and lifestyle habits such as stress levels or diet choices.

In this blog post, we will discuss what causes acne in people’s lives and how you can make changes to improve your complexion!

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Failing to Wash Your Face

We all know how tiring a day outside is. Whether you were spending your whole day at work or perhaps you went out with friends, nothing can ever beat the urge of lying down right away and just doze off into dream world.

Of course, before we sleep, we all need to wash our faces to get rid of dirt and bacteria that can be present. However, when we’re tired, we often forget to wash our faces and sleep right away.

Not washing your face before going to bed can lead to many skin problems like acne breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads that will not disappear even after using the best acne products. Therefore, if you want to avoid acne, you need to make some little sacrifices and always wash your face!

Not Washing Your Pillow Cases Regularly

Our pillowcases can be full of dirt, sweat, and oil that can drip down to our skin when we’re sleeping.

Therefore, it’s essential to wash your pillowcases regularly, so you don’t have acne breakouts on the part of your face that touches the most – which is obviously where your headrests!

If you are lazy or busy with work or school, then at least make sure you change them once every two weeks so there will be no dirt buildup in between. This way you’ll stay healthy and beautiful.

Smoking Cigarette or Using Vapes

We all have bad habits, and sometimes it’s just what helps us cope with our busy and stressful lives. However, before you light another cigar up, you should remember that this might be the cause of your acne problem.

Based on research, nicotine has been the leading cause of acne because of its inflammatory properties. Therefore, if you are a smoker or vape all day long, then your skin will be covered in pimples and blackheads, which is not something anyone wants to deal with!

So before it’s too late for you, why don’t you quit smoking now and stop your acne problems once and for all? Once you do, you’ll really see it was worth it!

Using The Wrong Skincare Products

Another thing that can cause acne or, worse, acne scars is the wrong skincare products.

In order to have a healthy and beautiful complexion, you need to use gentle cleaners that can clean your pores without irritating them too much. Otherwise, using harsh cleansers or soaps will damage your skin barrier, which in turn causes more blemishes.

You also have to choose moisturizers carefully because some of them might actually be causing pimples instead of curing them altogether. In other words, if you want clear skin, then make sure you avoid anything with comedogenic ingredients like coconut oil or cocoa butter since they clog up our pores big time! Instead, try out non-comedogenic oils such as sweet almond oil for amazing results!

Not Paying Attention to Your Diet

Your diet can also be the cause of your acne problem. For instance, if you eat fatty and junk foods, then there’s no way that your complexion will ever look healthy or beautiful.

Eating greasy food like burgers and fries is a big NO because they’re high in fat which clogs up our pores and causes more pimples to appear on our faces.

Instead, go for healthier alternatives like drinking lots of water, having fruits and veggies for snacks and, eating smaller portions throughout the day. This way, you’ll stay healthy inside out.

The New Understanding

The post has been a great guide for understanding the cause of acne and what you can do to stop it. We hope this article has been helpful in your pursuit of clear, radiant skin that is free from blemishes or side effects from treatments. Thank you so much for reading!