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How Long Do Pores Stay Clean After Facial Extractions?

How Long Do Pores Stay Clean After Facial Extractions

There are many reasons why someone would seek out a facial extraction in Singapore.

The most common reason is acne, but there are other non-acne-related reasons, such as excessive oil production and clogged pores.

Pores will start to get dirty again within hours of extraction, even if you have been diligently washing your face before bedtime, during the day, and immediately following an extraction procedure.

This blog post will answer this question: How Long Do Pores Stay Clean After Facial Extractions?

What Is a Pore Extraction and How Does It Work

To give you a better understanding, a pore extraction is a procedure that involves a specialist extracting the pores, which are often filled with impurities like dirt, oil, or blackheads.

If you have oily skin or suffer from acne, you must take care of these clogged pores. Although using gentle cleansers and washing your face is important, if done too sparingly they simply won’t get all the gunk out of your pores.

When the pore becomes completely clogged, it will sometimes form into a hard bump called a papule. In more severe cases where there are many papules present right next to each other, they might join together and result in a pustule pimple.

A specialist will stick-thin needles into the pores on your face to break up the oil and sebum inside them. The oils are what cause acne.

How Long Do Pores Stay Clean After Extractions

How long pores stay clean after extractions can depend on many things, but most of the time they will start getting dirty or clogged again within 4 weeks after the extraction.

It’s thought that if you maintain good hygiene habits and continue to keep your face clean consistently, pore sizes will not be able to grow back as fast since they had been before being extracted.

Signs That Your Skin Needs an Extraction

There are several signs you need to look out for in order to determine if you need a facial extraction and we’ve outlined some important ones below:

If Acne Breakouts Frequently Happen

If you start to notice acne breakouts are happening more frequently than usual, then it’s high time to talk with a specialist about getting an acne extraction.

Facial extraction helps with acne breakouts since the treatment removes blockages that cause acne, and even cleans out dirt and dead skin cells that have built up in the pores.

Skin Care Products Don’t Work Anymore

Another sign that you need an extraction is when you use skincare products but the effects no longer last as long or are not as powerful.

Skincare products work by improving your skin’s health, allowing your skin to look more radiant, but when you have clogged pores, the products won’t work as effectively.

You Have Enlarged Pores

Do your pores stand out when you check your face in the mirror? Enlarged pores are typically caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and if left untreated, they can make you look older, but a face extraction can help.

The treatment will remove dirt found inside those enlarged pores and as a result, bring them back to their natural state.

Benefits of Regular Facial Extractions

If you have tried everything to make pores smaller, and they are still large, clogged, and oily, then it’s high time to get them extracted. Here are the benefits of facial extractions, so you can consider getting one right away:

  • They boost the skin’s blood flow, making it look more alive.
  • They reduce scarring that might be present from previous breakouts.
  • Reduce pore sizes, giving you a smooth complexion.
  • Make skin healthier by reducing chances of acne forming in those affected areas.
  • Minimize blackheads by helping unclog follicles.
  • Eliminate dead skin cells on the face making it look younger


If you’re considering a skin extraction, be sure to consult with your dermatologist. They’ll help guide you through the process and answer any questions that come up along the way.

You might not know this yet, but there are many benefits to having a skin extraction done by a professional like ours at Apple Queen Beauty. Besides being very effective, it is also affordable and accessible for people — whether their concern is acne or wrinkles; we can help!