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How To Treat Back Acne At Home

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We all know the struggle of back acne. It’s not something that is talked about often, but it can be just as embarrassing and painful as normal acne on your face.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of DIY remedies to treat this skin condition at home if you don’t have the funds or time to contact a specialist for back acne treatment in Singapore.

In this blog post, we will talk about how you can treat back acne using items you already have in your kitchen pantry. Read on below to know more!

Use Natural Exfoliators to Treat Back Acne

Back acne is often caused by excess oil and dead skin cells. If this isn’t treated, it can lead to bacteria growth and inflammation.

Luckily, exfoliating your skin regularly to get rid of dead cells, excess oil, or bacteria is good to stop acne breakouts on the back.

Using a natural exfoliator helps to keep the skin clean from these impurities, which can prevent back acne from forming in the first place.

A good recipe for an all-natural scrub includes sugar, olive oil, and lemon juice mixed together with water until it is a thick paste. Apply this mixture to your back and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes. Then rinse off the scrub and pat your back dry with a towel.

We recommend that you repeat this process at least once per day for the best results. However, be careful when exfoliating the skin on your back as it can be sensitive and prone to excessive irritation.

No matter what remedy you choose, make sure to be gentle when treating yourself. You don’t want to irritate any of the existing bumps or pimples on your back.

Tea Tree Oil Can Help Back Acne

Do you have a bottle of tee tree oil just lying around the corner? If so, then you’re in luck!

Tea tree oil is a substance that’s made from the leaves of a tree from the myrtle genus. Tea tree oil is often used as an antiseptic and antibiotic, but it can be quite beneficial when treating back acne too.

Since tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties, it helps to disinfect and soothe the skin. This means that you have less of a chance for more acne developing on your back.

Tea tree oil is also very gentle which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin, like those who are prone to irritation when using harsh products.

To use this product, just simply apply it to your irritated skin. Apply a small amount to the infected area and rub until you feel relief from pain or itchiness. You can also add some tea tree oil in with one of your favorite moisturizers if you want an extra soothing effect.

Tea tree oil can be found in health stores all around Singapore so it’s quite easy to get your hands on one.

Anti-Inflammatory Food Can Treat Acne

Back Acne is usually inflamed since it is filled with oil and bacteria.

A diet that is rich in anti-inflammatory foods can help reduce inflammation as well as acne breakouts.

One of the most common anti-inflammatory food you can eat is turmeric.

Turmeric is a natural plant that can be found in Indian cuisine and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb by the Chinese, Indians, Greeks, and Egyptians. It’s also known to reduce inflammation when applied topically or taken orally.

You should consume about one teaspoon of turmeric per day and you may do so by adding it into your oatmeal, eggs, rice, or other dishes.

Turmeric is also found as a spice in many of the more mainstream recipes like curries and soups.

Another common anti-inflammatory food that can help treat acne breakouts is raw honey.

Raw honey has been used for centuries to heal wounds because it contains natural antibacterial that can help fight off germs that are causing your back acne.

Aloe Vera Will Help Back Acne

Aloe vera is actually one of the best natural remedies for acne.

Its natural moisturizing properties can soothe and calm any inflammation in the skin that may be causing back acne breakouts.

The plant also has many antibacterial qualities which make it a helpful treatment for zits on your neck, body, or face – even when you’re not experiencing an emergency breakout!

It’s pretty easy to use too. All you need to do is take a leaf from the plant, cut it in half, and rub the gel on your skin.

If you want to make this treatment more effective, mix aloe vera with raw honey before applying it to your skin

You’ll surely be able to clear your back acne in no time with this method!


With these natural remedies, you won’t need to spend money on expensive acne products.

These tips are tried and true methods that have been proven effective for many people who suffer from back acne. It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily or dry because there’s something here for everyone!

Do any of these techniques sound like they’ll work for you?

Give us a call to know more helpful tips above back acne!