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We offer acne extraction facial in Singapore that’s perfect for sensitive skin, giving you a fresh and beautiful complexion all throughout.

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About Our Facial Extraction Treatment

Do you have dead skin cells, open or closed skin pores that are causing your skin to break out? Don’t worry let’s try our facial extraction in Singapore.

Facial extraction is a process of extracting sebum, dirt, bacteria, and other impurities from the clogged pores on the face. It’s a way to remove open or closed skin pores.

The technique involves manipulating the skin around clogged pores until they’re expelled. This can be done by applying pressure at different angles with your fingers until all of the dead skin cells, blackhead or whitehead have been removed.

If you want healthy-looking skin without any clogged pores, bumps or blemishes, then acne extraction facial is for you! You’ll love how it makes your complexion look clearer and more radiant after just one treatment! 

Our facial extraction in Singapore will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean after the dead skin cells, on your face have been extracted by our trained technicians using only the advanced techniques of facial extraction. We even have a cozy room to conduct the procedure to make your stay even more comfortable.

You’ll feel confident again, knowing that you don’t have any visible signs of open or closed skin pores on your face anymore!

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    Why Come To Apple Queen Beauty For Facial Extraction in Singapore?

    There are many beauty salons that offer facial treatment, here’s what makes our facial beauty salon different from the rest.

    Facial Extraction Before & After

    Facial Extraction Before and After
    Result after Facial Extraction Treatment
    Sensitive Skin B6 Extraction Facial
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    Process Of Signature Facial Extraction

    The process of a facial treatment is a delicate procedure that requires skill and precision to match all skin types, helping oily and congested skin improve. It can either be used to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads, or acne, leaving you with smooth skin.

    A facial extraction process involves performing the following steps:

    facial extraction progress


    My prewedding shoot and actual wedding day were perfect, thanks to Apple. I had stubborn acne that would not go away for years, but with the help of Apple Queen Beauty it was gone within weeks!
    Hwee Cheng Testimonial
    Hwee Cheng
    It's tough to muster up the courage to get out of your house when you have bad acne. Thankfully, Apple helped me find my confidence again and I was able to meet some new people.
    Si Xing testimonial
    Si Xing

    Benefits Of Facial Extractions In Singapore

    There are many benefits when it comes to getting extraction treatment for your daily vanity boost. Check it out below.

    Help to Unclog Pores

    Facial Extractions can help clear up your clogged pores and give you a deep cleansing in a non invasive way, whether your skin type is prone to blocked pores or not.

    The suction created from extractions removes the dirt and oil that builds up in an affected pore by pulling it out of them with a little bit of force.

    This helps to prevent breakouts, but also can reduce wrinkles or skin elasticity because these pore-clogging oils are eliminated.

    Take Care of Unwanted Breakouts

    Facial Extractions can help to reduce the number of breakouts you get on your skin by thorough cleansing. 

    When dirt and oil are removed from our pores with the best facial extraction, it is easier for them to function properly, which reduces the chance that they will become congested and produce an unwanted breakout.

    Taking care of breakouts before they get out of hand will also help stop the risk of acne scars. 

    Get Rid Of Blackheads

    Open skin pores can be annoying to deal with. Facial extractions can help eliminate these pores by sucking them out of your pores and then gently removing the outer layer from the top of it as well, leaving you with a much smoother surface and a glowing complexion. 

    Our Team Of Facial Extraction Specialists



    Apple, the specialist at Apple Queen Beauty, has customers coming back and back again to experience her high quality for facial treatments.

    Customers love that she customizes their facial routine based on their needs, using products of a superior grade. You can see for yourself how her knowledge of skin conditions benefits you as a customer!



    Angie specializes in back acne treatment, and painless facial extraction.

    She believes that not only does healthy skin look better, but it also feels better too. With years of experience treating clients with all types of skin conditions—from mild to severe—Angie has helped many people achieve their most beautiful complexion yet!

    Contact Us For a Free Consultation

    To inquire about a consultation for best extraction facial, please contact our cozy room office via phone or email to schedule your future sessions with us.

    The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your skin needs and expectations with our specialists before treatment begins. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have about our signature facial extraction in Singapore that’s considered to be the best in the beauty industry.

    Contact us today to arrange an appointment and experience the finest anti acne extraction treatment!

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    Tel: +65 96499196

    Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Extraction

    If you’re considering extraction treatment for all your skin needs, it’s important to know the answers to these FAQs.

    Facial extraction removes excessive oil from your pores, fine lines, open or closed skin pores or other blemishes on your face and give you a much-needed deep cleansing. Facial extraction helps with acne scarring and evens out pigmentation in the skin tone, making it better than other facials.

    The price to have the best extraction facial in Singapore starts from $129 for the first time trial and then $296 for subsequent sessions. But don’t worry! At Apple queen Beauty, not only do we offer you a cozy room to have your treatment, but we also make sure to provide our clients the lowest rate possible. 

    A typical facial extraction takes about one hour and thirty minutes, including the time for evaluation and treatment. It should be performed by an experienced professional.

    Facial Extraction isn’t a one-time thing if you want to get better skin or if you have large pore size. This is because your skin will continue to produce oil, which can lead to more skin pores. We advise that you get a facial extraction every six to eight weeks, or as soon as you start noticing fine lines.

    With Apple Queen Beauty, you can enjoy getting treatments as frequent as possible since we have a cozy room to conduct the procedure as well as skilled professionals to help you get softer skin!

    In general, it will take about 5-7 days for your face to heal after it has experienced a facial treatment. However, once it’s healed you’ll notice how your skin looked differently as to what it is now. 

    You need to properly follow some skincare regime with natural active ingredients during the following days to ensure a quick and efficient healing process for radiant skin. 

    If you notice that your skin has a lot of open or closed skin pores or breakouts then it’s time for a skin rejuvenation or extraction. You may also schedule one if you just want to have better skin than ever before.

    A common concern that people have is that the extraction process will hurt. Rest assured, this treatment does not involve any pain whatsoever as long as you’re with Apple Queen Beauty, the best extraction facial!

    However, be advised that doing your own manual extraction might lead to accidents so, be sure to seek professional help!