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The Dos and Don’ts after a Facial Extraction

The Dos and Donts After a Facial Extraction Featured Image

If you want to have an extraction facial for a flawless complexion, it can you need to know what to do after the treatment. You may feel the need to avoid any kind of social interaction because your face is swollen and red.

There’s also the fear that others will stare at you because they’re curious about what happened on your face.

This blog post discusses all the dos and don’ts for people who have had a facial extraction done!

The Don’ts After a Facial Extraction 

A facial extraction is indeed a somehow painful procedure, but beauty does come at a price.

If you want to ensure your skin heals completely with no setbacks, be sure to avoid the written don’ts below after the facial extraction process, so you can enjoy your new look and gain that confidence you surely deserve!

Don’t Ever Touch Your Face

Among the things, you must never do after a facial extraction is to touch or pick your face since this can result in problems.

Your skin has open pores that can easily accumulate germs especially if you touch it with dirty hands.

These germs can enter your skin and cause an infection, prolonging your face’s healing process.

Furthermore, your skin is really sensitive at this point so touching it might be painful and even lead to scarring.

Facial Toners are a Big No 

Facial toners are great for the skin since it helps to make it smoother and gives the skin a nice glow.

However, facial toners are not recommended for people who have just had a facial extraction done since they can irritate the face further.

So if you want that fresh-faced look, skip using any kind of soaps or other products that contain alcohol in them during your first days after the procedure.

Also, toners can cause dryness to your skin, leading to more problems in the future.

However, don’t worry! You won’t need the use of toners anyway because your aesthetician has already given you a deep facial cleanse before extracting your skin.

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Do Not Put on Heavy Makeup 

If you love putting on makeup, then this might be a bummer for you but if you want your skin to look its best after it heals, we highly recommend to stop putting on heavy make up for the first days after a facial extraction since makeup can irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

Because your skin just had a tough procedure, it’s best to give it a break and let it breathe until the redness has disappeared.

 Note: For those of you who have to put on makeup for your job, we recommend using a light layer and just powdering around the area that was extracted, so it does not rub off when touching or sweating.*

Stay Away From Facial Exfoliators 

Another thing you must never do after a facial extraction is to use a facial exfoliator. It’s not uncommon for skin to become thin and sensitive after the extraction process, which means that using an abrasive product like an exfoliator is going to leave your skin raw and irritated.

If your skin becomes irritated it can lead to issues such as a longer healing process. Over-exfoliating can damage your face’s protective layer and even lead to scarring.

The Do’s After a Facial Extraction 

Taking care of your skin after a facial extraction is a which is why it’s important to do these given tips below. By doing so, you’re sure to get results that are fast and long-lasting.

Always Hydrate Your Skin 

After a facial extraction, the most important thing you must do is to hydrate your skin so that it will be able to heal quickly. You can do this by using a gentle cleanser and applying moisturizer as soon as you are done washing your face.

Moisturizers with anti-bacterial ingredients are great too since they can kill any bacteria that may have been left behind.

Your pores are open after a facial extraction, so it’s vital that you keep your face clean and germ-free all the time to avoid infection.

Use Vitamin C Serums After Your Facial 

Vitamin C is a great ingredient that helps your skin heal and regenerates. A facial extraction can cause irritation to the skin, so it’s important that you apply vitamin C serum on your face after cleansing.

It will help repair damaged cells while also moisturizing your skin for a healthy glow. However, be sure to use a serum that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, so you can ensure a safe healing process. 

Skip Workouts Following a Facial Extraction 

Going to the gym can be tempting, particularly if you have a weight-loss goal in mind. However, after a facial extraction, you must refrain from exercising.

Since the skin on your face is delicate and requires time to recover, it’s best not to overwork your body so that your cells can regenerate and heal quickly.

This will give the skin cells in this area plenty of time to repair before they are subjected to any further stress or pressure.

Final Words

In the end, it’s important to know that any time you have a facial extraction done, your skin will be sensitive and need extra care.

If you’re unsure of how to take care of yourself after this procedure–or just want tips on preventing acne and looking fresh again–feel free to reach out!

We can help by providing advice for post-extraction skincare or even booking an appointment with one of our estheticians if you’d like personalized recommendations based on what type of extractions were performed.