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Does Microneedling Really Help Acne Scars?

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Many people who are suffering from severe acne often ask about the cost of acne scar removal treatment in Singapore, since there are many options available.

However, one option is Microneedling. Microneedling is a popular treatment for acne scars, but one concern many individuals have is if it really works.

Learn more about Microneedling by reading the information below!

What Is Microneedling, and How Does It Remove Scars?

If you’re someone who is dealing with acne, then it most likely has left an unsightly scar that’s affecting your confidence.

One of the ways people swear to remove acne scar is Microneedling and this process works by creating tiny punctures in the skin.

This process stimulates collagen production and new cell growth to help repair your skin. Collagen and cell growth are both crucial to establish natural healing processes, which in return, prevents scar caused by acne from forming.

Microneedling is just one of the many treatments for acne scars that are available on the market today, and it’s a process that can be completed in a salon or at home.

This procedure doesn’t require any downtime post-treatment, which means you’ll be able to resume normal activities right away without worrying. However, you do need to protect your skin from the sun and keep it moisturize to ensure quicker healing.

Microneedling is also an affordable treatment option compared to other acne scar treatments, so it’s a pretty good choice for those people who are on a budget.

The Benefits of Microneedling

If you’re starting to consider Microneedling to help with your skin condition, then you might be wondering what benefits do it really bring you.

There are actually several benefits Microneedling gives to those who opt for this treatment and some of them may even surprise you. Check out our list below to know more about why you should consider this acne scar treatment!

  • Microneedling can give you younger-looking skin because it helps stimulate collagen production.
  • This treatment also has anti-inflammatory effects and is known to reduce the redness, puffiness, and acne scars that can be present on your face.
  • Another reason why Microneedling is a good acne scar treatment is that it helps make the skin look smoother and more even-toned. This way, you will be able to conceal any flaws in your facial appearance better.
  • Microneedling isn’t as painful compared to other treatments. It also requires a shorter healing time and can be done at home in the comfort of your own home.

Why You Need a Professional For Microneedling

Many people on the internet have claimed that DIY Microneedling is as effective as going to a professional. However, you mustn’t be swayed with this kind of thinking because this might end up hurting your skin.

While DIY Microneedling might seem like an easy way to treat acne scars, it is important that you don’t go for this option if you want the best results.

Remember, a professional has years of experience in handling these types of procedures and knows how much pressure should be applied when using the needed tools.

Professionals will also be able to determine which devices work best on your skin type, unlike those who do it at home.

A specialist will be able to prescribe the necessary topical creams and medications to aid the Microneedling treatment to even help you get rid of acne scars quicker than if you were doing this yourself.

It is always better to go for options that have been proven effective rather than trusting what you randomly see on the internet.

If you recklessly do this procedure on your own, you can end up damaging your skin and worsening the acne scars.


We hope you’ve found this blog post useful. Microneedling is a new and effective way to remove acne scars, reduce wrinkles, and minimize pores.

It can be used in conjunction with other treatments or as an alternative treatment for people who are not suitable candidates for laser therapy or dermabrasion.

If you have any questions about microneedling or what it does, feel free to reach out to one of our experts